Every bark has its own bite.

We take size, shape, texture and density into consideration.

Each kibble is adapted to the specific characteristics of the cat or dog for which it is intended. Labrador Retrievers, for example, are known for eating food very quickly and without chewing. A donut-shaped kibble is designed to encourage chewing and works to slow down the speed of ingestion. Persian cats are known for their long, beautiful coat and brachycephalic (flat) faces. Persians use the lower side of 

their tongue to pick up kibble, so we created an almond-shaped kibble that is easier for them to eat.

A cat or dog’s size and age are also important. For example, the kibble for a giant-breed adult dog is much larger and more brittle than the kibble for a miniature-breed puppy, who needs smaller, softer kibbles.

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